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We serve servo stabilizer for some of the largest, important, most prestigious and demanding clients across India.

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good quality power supply to care of the equipment’s, machines suppliers

Since in today's world we are so much dependent on good quality electricity, hence our...


Why & When Isolation Transformer should be used with Servo Stabilizer?

Why & When Isolation Transformer should be used with Servo Stabilizer?
Generally, the Received Utility Power... More...

We are a distinguished company in the power conditioning sector and one of the renowned servo voltage stabilizer manufacturers. Having a diversified and rich experience of 33 years, we have a combined installation base of about 40,000+ installations of servo voltage stabilizers installed in the last 33 years on PAN India basis. Since voltage fluctuation is major concern in almost all areas these days, our installations include servo voltage stabilizers for almost all types of applications like industrial servo voltage stabilizers, domestic, institutional, commercial, banks and many more. We have a wide network of sale network covering almost the entire country and we have installed servo stabilizers at some of the locations of India. In order to maintain good customer responsiveness we are maintaining a decent team of service professionals to provide after sales support to all our clients. Servo stabilizers manufactured at Nagar Electronics are of the highest standards and go through various types of testing procedures before being finally getting delivered to the clients.